Jahpawa is Leonardo Galetta, he starts his career as a dj in 1996 playing hardcore, techno and progressive. After a while, he starts moving across several electronics sub-genres untill 2000, when Leo approaches to the production of electronical music, then he comes close to reggae, and joins his first reggae band "the Ganjaflowers" taking charge of electronic compositions and in 2003 with "Y Cabron" he moves to electrodub.

Together with the Ragg'n'Bass aptitude he continues experimenting new sonic landscapes, producing tracks and electro minimal live sets, hip-hop and dubstep, at the same time he works with the crossover equadorian band EL KARMASO dealing effects and scratches. Jahpawa regularly performs at Crash, Lazzaretto, Scalo S. Donato, Link, Zoom in Bologna. He plays at Festivals all around Italy and UK.

„He plays like a tribù in a Boiler, tribal hypnotic rhythms with deep and modulated basslines. Uk Jungle influences meets reggae voices, ambient pads and textures with a touch of acid dancehall.“

- The Hub -