Keng~ is Maurizio Caggiano, formerly known as Mu51kengineer, so “k~eng” and finally “keng~”. At 7 he takes some piano lesson, with a Bontempi 104 electric chord organ, but he feels more interested in sounds than notes. He starts playing various persussions, from 16 till 21 he plays in ethnic and traditional music bands, he starts producing in 2003, and in 2005 Wysiwyg Ep is out, totally unmastered: a child play that starts cabling a virtual rack and puts lfo on oscillators modulating other oscillators, all rhythm section and parts are created with lfo modulation on the gate.

Maurizio is a Mutimedia editor, developer, designer so keng~ is the expression of his many alter egos, a polyhedral form of light which becomes harmony.

„The meticulous sound design in his music takes you to another reality. A macumbero inducing you trance, massaging your aenima with intergalactic vibration.“

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