demo submission rules

BASIC is opened reality, a music, social and multicultural, hub where you can find friendly support, motivation, production, distribution and promotion. We encourage you to take part of this innovative music production and distribution project and sending us your demo. We love to spread the world with good and conscious music.

To send us your demo you can use an online sharing service like We-transfer, Google Drive, providing us a link on your server or your preferred online sharing service.

BASIC Record is a contemporary music exploration label, We focus and produce, promote and distribute good music of various genres like Electronic, Ambient, Chillout, Dowtempo, World Music, Dub, Trip-Hop, Deep Bass Music, Progressive and Psytrance, Techno, Avant-Garde and Experimental, Electro-Acoustic, Concrete Musique, Psychedelic Instrumental Music.

5 Simple audio demo submission Rules that assure You We will listen to your demo

  • 1. Listen to Our Music is the best way to understand our vision, our mood, our music research, so take a moment to listen to BASIC Records music.
  • 2. If you think you'll be good for US, let's send your audio at your best. Send us what you think is an example of your sound. Try to achieve a well balanced and good sounding mix, DO NOT send us super squashed hyper-louder mastered tracks, we will trash them, we love to listen to your music on high-grade audio monitoring gear, so we don't need loud volumes at all, if it sounds good at lowest volume it will sounds good at the highest.
  • 3. Send an high quality audio file, something like a 44.100 and 24 bit wave audio file will be perfect, but you coul also send us flac, alac or, at least, a 320Kbs MP3. All other formats and lossy bitrates may masks your work, so let us listen to it at its bests.
  • 4. Send your demo only to this address: basicrecstudio at gmail dot com, writing a mail subject like this one: DEMO SUBMISSION - Name and Surname [yourartistname], this will help Us identify you and speeds up the listen and replying process.
  • 5. Do not bump your submission more than ones in a month. Don't feel pissed off if we hadn't replied you yet, you will hear from us shortly if we like your music. Finally, we are a growing reality but we don't have employers, we are volunteers, mind-opened artists, designers and promoters, but we're doing it without gain money, nothing but love. Undestand our message and we will be glad to understand your one.