The Hub

BASIC [Basilicata Sound Innovation Community] is an innovative music social hub. The project is driven by a Social Promotion and no-profit Association located in Basilicata, near Potenza, Italy.

BASIC gives their artists a recording, mix and mastering studio, a records label, an integrated promotional and advertising agency, image care and social managing facilities, professional consultants, personal artist's mini-site/blog, merchandise personalized design, technical assistance, artists clips and video teasers.

Basic Records is the music record label of The Hub and it's divided in three Hypo-labels. These 3 "sub-labels" are intended to speak with you in your language. We believe music is intimate and personal and no one should impose us to like something, so BASIC social HUB is glad to become you favourite source of good and relaxing contemporary music exploration, with love.

„A collective consciousness listening to himself, producing himself, vibrating on himself. It's an international, self-reliant, open music community.“

- The Hub -

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