BASIC Records has a pro recording, mix and mastering studio, it's located near Potenza, Italy. BASIC - Social Promotion Association - makes available to artists pro-grade studio, with a pro Treated Studio Room for recording, mix and mastering, and pro audio equipements such as:

  • Main Mid-Field Monitors: Dynaudio BM 12A
  • Near Field Monitors: Yamaha HS5
  • Control and quality-check monitor: Jbl Flip 3
  • Midi Controls: Novation Remote SL / Traktor Kontrol S2 / Roland SPD-SX
  • Pre-Amps: RME / MIDAS / Soundcraft / Allen&Heath
  • Audio Interfaces: RME Babyface / RME Fireface UCX / Allen&Heath / Soundcraft
  • Mics: Shure SM57, BETA 58, MXL Condenser Microphone, Sennheiser Dynamic Mic, Audio Tecnica AT2020 P48, various other dynamic mics, Rode XY
  • Consolle & Desk: Soundcraft / Allen&Heath
  • DAW: Propellerheads Reason 10
  • Plugins: McDSP, Softube, Sugar Bytes, Synapse Audio, Izotope, Rob Papen, Korg, Cakewalk, Acustica Acqua, Acustica Nebula
  • Wave Editor: Adobe Audition
  • Obviously: A sofa, a mix and mastering engineer, some beers, and good vibrations